A little farm with a big mission.


Terra cultura is a nonprofit educational eco-arts farm.

Our mission is to strengthen community resilience through education and collaboration in agroecology, sustainable living, and the arts.  

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Our Values

Terra Cultura facilitates the sharing of knowledge amongst our community members, to offer meaningful opportunities for education and collaboration.

Terra Cultura integrates eco-farming with eco-arts to inspire a more holistic engagement with our social and natural environments. We seek to nurture emerging ecologically minded culture makers, and to cultivate a supportive environment for courageous creativity.

Terra Cultura explores models of community collaboration and environmental ethics that break down systems of oppression and exploitation to aid in the creation of a more just, equitable, viable, and sustainable future.

Transformative Land Stewardship


It’s been an amazing four year journey here on the farm at Terra Cultura. Take a look at the transformational footage that we’ve captured over the years chronicling the land’s progression from overgrazed sand dune to a lush green gardenscape!

Terra Cultura exists to respond to the need for in-person gathering places, and demand for expanded opportunities for education and participation in just and holistic food systems, sustainable living, and the arts. Terra Cultura facilitates education in both agriculture and the arts because we believe these elements are essential to resilient communities. 

- Rachel Wohlander

Co-Founder, Terra Cultura

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