Support Terra Cultura's Mission to Strengthen Community Resilience!
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We’ve come so far in a short time, however there is so much more work to be done to fully realize the vision behind Terra Cultura. With your help, we plan to expand our reach and deepen our impact.

We are part of a movement to create a culture of social and ecological interdependence. The movement begins with you.

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When you support Terra Cultura, you are supporting:

  • Accessible educational and collaborative opportunities for all ages around ecological farming and gardening, self-sufficiency, eco-literacy, and eco-arts. 
  • Land stewardship and regeneration in partnership with nature and local communities.
  • Growing food and constructing infrastructure in ways that conserve resources, restore habitat, and benefit local plant, animal, and human ecosystems.
  • Efforts to strengthen mutual aid networks and local economies towards increased food sovereignty and community resilience.

Our Community Impact

  • Terra Cultura is a leader in climate-smart farming and gardening. We are participants in two California state programs to study the carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction effects of climate smart growing practices and resource efficient infrastructure. We implement these climate-smart practices on our farm, and teach them to other growers. 
  • Terra Cultura educators teach our Arts and Eco-Literacy Program in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms in the Aromas-San Juan School District, providing over 200 students a year with dynamic arts and ecology education.
  • Through workshops, projects, and events on-site and in the community, we provide accessible and inclusive educational opportunities to an additional 700 community members each year. 
  • We collaborate with community partners to facilitate community-based projects that strengthen resilience, sovereignty, and empowerment, including the recent Aromas Bridge Mural Project, and the formation of a mutual aid network of local farmers. 

Our COVID-19 Response

  • Free educational resources and virtual programming: We are offering virtual skillshares, virtual events, and a virtual resource library, covering topics relevant to the Covid19 crisis, including food security, self-reliance, creativity, health, and well-being.
  • Food Security: We are growing and delivering fresh produce to those in need, providing ecologically-grown, organic produce on a pay-what-you-can basis.
  • Mutual Aid: We’re working to connect our community to existing mutual aid networks, and are collaborating with farmers and community organizers to create new networks for food sovereignty and resilience in our food systems.

  1. Marlene & Marc Hamovitch

    Wishing you and your community abundance, good health, and fertile soil in the year ahead. With love and appreciation for all you are doing, Marlene & Marc Hamovitch
  2. Nancy Lawson

    What a wonderful, meaningful and remarkable journey you are creating and living. Your mission and energy are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing this with our congregation today.
  3. Ellie and Richard Goren/Greyson

    I am so impressed with how much you have achieved in a short few years!! I look forward to following your growth and achievements!! Thank you for presenting to the temple today!
  4. Hayley Salazar

    Thanks for a beautiful tour for our congregation today!
  5. Thomas Hintze

  6. Anonymous

    I loved seeing all that you are doing at Terra Cultura! Keep it up. I had such a wonderful time there.
  7. Anonymous

    Jess, Travis, and Rachel, thanks again for a beautiful weekend. I'm so impressed by everything you're doing and I believe in your abilities to make anything a reality <3
  8. Elise and Jay Miller

    Guess we skipped a year - you know why! All the while, you've been working hard and making such progress with the land, the infrastructure, and the program. Looking forward to visiting again, and seeing all of you! Take care and much love, Elise and Jay
  9. Jesse and Chris Martinez

    Keep up the amazing and inspiring work that you are doing for the land and for our community.
  10. Anonymous