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We’ve come so far in a short time, however there is so much more work to be done to fully realize the vision behind Terra Cultura. With your help, we plan to expand our reach and deepen our impact.

We are part of a movement to create a culture of social and ecological interdependence. The movement begins with you.

Two members of the Terra Cultura community have pledged $10,000 to match your donation through the end of the year.

That means if you help us reach our $10,000 goal, we'll have $20,000 to put towards increasing access to our eco-literacy programs, giving more students the opportunity to get their hands dirty on the farm!

Education begins with access. Your support gives us the opportunity to provide meaningful hands-on experiences for the students who would otherwise not have access to the educational opportunities we offer through Terra Cultura. We rely on our supporters to help us provide access to transportation, expert educators, and impactful curriculum. With your help, we’re also working to improve our infrastructure and facilities to allow enhanced accessibility for all ages and abilities. Your support allows us to develop new educational programs in response to the needs and interests of the community. When you help us to enhance our educational resources on the farm, you are helping us to create better opportunities for the whole community.

Our Community Impact

With your help, we have accomplished so much since Terra Cultura was established in January 2017. Partnering with local communities, we have established the first generation of our infrastructure and facilities on our eco-arts farm and the foundation of our educational programming. We serve thousands of community members each year through workshops, collaborative projects, and events, both on-site and in the community.

In April of 2018, Terra Cultura found its permanent home in Aromas, California. Since then, with your help, we have been diligently rehabilitating a previously neglected, overgrazed, raw piece of earth into a thriving educational eco-arts farm. As honored recipients of a multi-year grant from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, we are proud to be participating in their Healthy Soils Program, a state initiative to implement conservation agricultural management practices that sequester carbon, reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases, and improve soil health. We have begun the process of regenerating the depleted topsoil, increasing our soil organic matter seven-fold in the first year.

We host visitors each month to learn firsthand about our ecological farming and gardening methods and sustainable living practices. Visitors engage with our quarter acre of no-till vegetable row crops, pollinator garden, herb garden, all-access raised garden beds, food forest, classroom yurt, and outdoor classroom. Visitors learn about our water and power efficient systems, and ways to implement them in their own homes. We also host creative gatherings such as a monthly writers group, music and performance events, and art workshops.

We bring our educational programs to community centers, schools, and events, serving an additional 700 community members each year. We teach our Arts and Eco-Literacy Program in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms in the Aromas-San Juan School District, providing over 200 students a year with dynamic arts and ecology education. We also facilitate collaborative eco-arts projects to enhance and strengthen our communities. We recently partnered with local organizations and community leaders on the Aromas Bridge Mural Project, engaging over 100 volunteers and  local high school students in designing and creating ecologically themed collaborative public art.

In just a few years, we have built strong bridges with local communities, and have become one of the first nonprofits in the county to be California Green Business Certified. We’ve partnered on projects with local schools, farms, the Aromas Grange, the Aromas Hills Artisans, the Aromas Eagles, Transition Aromas, the San Juan Bautista Strategic Planning Committee, and the San Benito Arts Council. Together with collaborators and supporters like you, we’re working hard every day to build a more resilient and holistic future.

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    We love the work you are doing and are hoping for the very best for Terra Cultura!
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