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Terra Cultura is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable non profit organization. Our mission is to cultivate resilient communities empowered through education and collaboration in agroecology, sustainable living, and the arts.

It takes a unified community to protect our environment, and to reclaim connections to our land and food systems. Terra Cultura seeks to cultivate strong communities, and spur social and environmental change through education and collaboration. Terra Cultura takes an integrative approach to nourishing healthy communities, looking at everything from the food we eat and the buildings we inhabit, to our balance with the environment, and the quality of our social and cultural engagement.

Since January 2017, we have engaged nearly 1500 community members through educational workshops and events, with a special focus on youth in underserved communities. Many of these students reported never having planted a seed until they came to a Terra Cultura workshop. Because of their attendance at Terra Cultura workshops, families reported beginning new home composting and sustainable gardening projects with the knowledge they gained through participation. Recently, Terra Cultura has hosted weekly hands-on educational volunteer days, been invited to teach at local community forums, and been interviewed by local newspapers and radio stations. In addition to expanding our education program, we are collaborating with Aromas artisans to facilitate a community public art project, and with local educators, farmers, and diverse community leaders to facilitate a school garden project, a local artisans and food-growers community market, and a local organic CSA on-site at Terra Cultura.

We have been developing education around our climate-smart land management practices that restore habitats, sequester carbon in the soil, raise the water table, and create healthier ecosystems for humans, plants, and animals in the region. Multiple foundations and grants have accepted our proposals for funding, including the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Healthy Soils Program, but ultimately, we rely on you, our community, to help us grow and thrive. Your donation will allow us to expand our educational programs in the arts and ecological farming. Here are some of the exciting new projects your donation will help us fund:

All Access Raised Bed Demonstration Garden

Your donation will help fund the materials necessary to install a wheelchair accessible, raised garden bed, enabling Terra Cultura to provide educational programming to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Demonstrating our land practices on this smaller scale will provide all our participants a place to learn about and try out the techniques we’re actively applying on the land, and to observe the results of their labors. This all-abilities garden will help us to increase our reach, expand our programming, and to welcome greater diversity among our students, educators, and volunteers. We intend for our accessible garden to be an ongoing community-led collaboration, and a focal point for the community we hope to grow.

Outdoor Eco-Education Facility

Your donation will help Terra Cultura to construct an on-site sustainable outdoor classroom to house our educational programming, and to serve as a demonstration structure for sustainable building methods. The structure will incorporate an open-air design, for efficiency as well as to facilitate a sense of connection to the surrounding landscape. It will feature a plumbing system that will reuse greywater, a rainwater catchment system, and a self-sufficient solar electricity system. This classroom will help us to expand our educational offerings and to teach more students about regenerative land stewardship.

Educators and Curriculum

We are working in collaboration with local communities to develop curriculum that serves the needs of students in the region. Your donation will help us to draw diverse and quality educators, and to expand our hands-on eco-education curriculum. Through workshops, field trips, and collaborative projects, we aim to draw 1,000 students in 2019.


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