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Terra Cultura is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable non profit organization. Our mission is to cultivate resilient communities empowered through education and collaboration in agroecology, sustainable living, and the arts.

It takes a unified community to protect our environment, and to reclaim connections to our land and food systems. Terra Cultura works to cultivate strong communities, and spur social and environmental change through education and collaboration. Terra Cultura takes an integrative approach to nourishing healthy communities, looking at everything from the food we eat and the buildings we inhabit, to our balance with the environment, and the quality of our social and cultural engagement.

Since January 2017, we have engaged over 1500 community members through educational workshops and events, with a special focus on youth in underserved communities. Many of these students reported having never planted a seed until they came to a Terra Cultura workshop. Because of their attendance at Terra Cultura workshops, families reported beginning new home composting and sustainable gardening projects with the knowledge they gained through participation. 

Terra Cultura hosts educational volunteer days and leads activities at local community events. We are expanding our education programs to include monthly workshops, field trips, and group activities. Our curriculum investigates environmental stewardship practices that restore habitats, sequester carbon in the soil, raise the water table, and create healthier ecosystems for humans, plants, and animals in the region. We are also collaborating with Aromas artisans to facilitate a public eco-arts project in the community. 

We are supported by several foundations and grants, including the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Healthy Soils Program. But ultimately, we rely on you, our community, to help us grow and thrive. Your donation will allow us to expand our educational programs in ecological farming and the arts. Here are some of the exciting new projects your donation will help us fund:

Resource conservation for education and demonstration:

We have plans for enhanced efficiency for the farm’s power and water needs, working towards being a demonstration site for resource conservation. Our curriculum will incorporate solar power, rainwater catchment, greywater systems, moisture monitors, drip irrigation, and water table restoration. 

Outdoor classroom and educational kitchen:

An outdoor classroom and kitchen is also in the works, allowing students hands-on participation in every stage of their food system, including planting, tending, harvesting, cooking, healthy eating, and composting. 

Expanded educational programs for underserved communities:

We're continuing to expand our educational programs for students from underserved communities, bringing in expert educators and building our scholarship fund.