Grow Together: Looking Ahead to a Better Future
Written by Rachel Wohlander
October 15, 2018

Thank you for making our Open House event a success!

We’re thrilled to see our community grow! Last Saturday, October 13th, we were honored to host about 70 community members for our Open House event. Together we feasted, enjoyed performances by local musicians, planted the first flowers and hedges of our new pollinator garden, learned about existing Terra Cultura programs, and shared our visions for its future. We are so grateful to everyone who attended. Thank you to the musicians, volunteers, and sponsors who helped make it a success. We are lucky to live in such a supportive community, and we can’t wait to keep building Terra Cultura with you.

Help Terra Cultura Grow!

The Open House marked the launch of our Fall Fundraising Campaign! Terra Cultura is in an exciting phase of growth as we look to expand our educational programming in 2019. Terra Cultura’s mission has only become more urgent and necessary since we founded the nonprofit several years ago. It will take strong communities to advocate for themselves for a better future. And that’s what Terra Cultura is cultivating. Through workshops and events that connect the community to the land and to a shared culture, we aim to empower the next generation of ecologically-minded growers and culture makers. As a small grass-roots organization, we rely on community support to make as big an impact as possible.

The Fall Fundraising Campaign will raise money for: an outdoor classroom, a community garden, and stipends to draw quality, diverse educators to teach workshops to the community.

Learn more about these exciting new initiatives, and watch our video HERE! No donation is too small. Every little bit helps us to enhance our important educational programs. Also, we would especially love it if you shared the fundraising link with your friends and family: https://terracultura.org/donate. Help us spread the word about the exciting work we’re doing here at Terra Cultura. Thank you so much for your friendship and continued support!

Thank You!!

Thank you to those of you who have already donated, and for those who are sharing the link and spreading the word to their friends and families!

Thank you to the amazing Open House volunteers: Kirby Wohlander, Jennifer Haney, Rachel Le Vine, Carolyn White, Zane Vaughn, Alex Nitta, Tom Hintze, and Nathan Kosta.

Thank you to the talented musicians: Jesse Martinez, Richard Smith, Tim Work, Claudia Harden, Chris Harden, Chris McDougall, Will Irwin, Marky Starks, and Jim Leap.

Thank you to our generous event sponsors: Pinnacle Organic, River Run Winery, Lagunitas, and Graniterock.

Thank you to Brandon Silverman for editing our fundraising video, and to Laurel Greyson, Katie Hatch, and Thomas Hintze for their interviews, and to Nathan Kosta for helping to design the fundraiser page.

Thank you to each of you for following along with our progress, and lending your support through volunteering, donating, coming to workshops and events, and spreading the word about us. Let’s work together to build a better future!

Written by Rachel Wohlander

Rachel Wohlander is a co-founder, and the executive director of culture and education at Terra Cultura. She is an interdisciplinary artist and educator with a background in performing arts and creative writing.