Terra Cultura and You

Hello Friends, Farmers, Gardeners, Educators, Artists, Activists, Philanthropists, and Stalwart Volunteers,

We’ve been busy as ever turning this piece of raw land into a thriving community hub for education around agroecology and art. With the help of many hard-working, lighthearted volunteers, we’re chipping away at the many projects we need to accomplish in order to expand our educational programs (more on our current programs below!). We’re so grateful for your help. There is still much to do!

Wishlist Registry

If you can’t make it to the land to lend a hand, there are many additional ways to offer your support. For instance, many of you have asked for a “wishlist”—so we made one! Click “See How You Can Help” below, to see the prized items that we at Terra Cultura could use the most. You can chip in any amount, and it will be a huge help towards reaching our goal. No amount is too small! All donations are tax deductible. If it looks a little like a wedding registry, well, think of it as a wedding gift to yourself, in celebration of your union with this land and this community, that we hope you will consider home. ; ) Thank you so much for your ongoing support. We can’t wait for you to see the progress we’re making here, inch by inch, and row by row…

Aromas Day

Come see us at our table during Aromas Day on Sunday, August 26th. We’ll be hosting a “Paint and Plant” over at the Kids Corner, where little ones can learn all about native wildflowers and the importance of pollinators while planting seeds in a flower pot they can paint and take home. It’s our first Aromas Day as Aromas residents, and we hear it’s kind of a big deal. The free event has been a yearly extravaganza since the 1970s, and draws a crowd of thousands for the live music, street fair, parade, vendors, artisans, animals, and more! We’re really excited, and we hope to see you there!

Saturday Volunteer Days

Our weekly volunteer day has been a success, and there are plenty of opportunities to join the fun. Every Saturday in August, you can drop in between 9am and 5pm to work, play, and learn alongside us. Volunteer days are fun, gratifying, and educational. Come Learn more about current projects, and let us know you’re coming by registering here:


Community Open House

Save the date! On October 13th, we’ll be hosting an open house here at Terra Cultura. The goal is to share this space with all of you, and enjoy some live music, and tasty local food and beverages. Terra Cultura is all about cultivating resilient communities, so we are engaging with many diverse community members regarding what they need and how we can best serve them. Come be a part of the dialogue and dream along with us as we build a better future together. So make sure to mark your calendars! We can’t wait to see you at Terra Cultura!

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