You’re Invited!
Written by Rachel Wohlander
April 25, 2017

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a special announcement…

Terra Cultura is hosting its first official event! And you’re invited.

You’ll find the invitation below with all the details.

We’re especially excited to announce (and you’re the very first ones to hear it) that the entertainment at this event will include The Gold Souls, all the way from Sacramento in all their bluesy glory, as well as a very special San Diego musician, Erin Bower and friends. Koi Zen Cellars will be pouring the wine and it’s sure to be a very good time. Check back soon for announcements on more special guests and local sponsors. We’re looking forward to building our community and building support around Terra Cultura’s mission. We hope you can come!

RSVP here: http://terracultura.org/planttheseed


Written by Rachel Wohlander

Rachel Wohlander is a co-founder, and the executive director of culture and education at Terra Cultura. She is an interdisciplinary artist and educator with a background in performing arts and creative writing.


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